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There are so many things that Christians do RIGHT…but the below things DEFINITELY hurt our collective testimony and Christians need to stop doing them. Read this list and see if you don’t agree?

We are more connected than ever before, and the Christian message is more heard than ever before. In some ways, I feel that the Christian message is more ridiculed than ever before. Between fake news sites that claim Christian morals, memes passed around social media, and email chains perpetrating trite messages that only distract us from the real point of our time here on earth… to love God and to love others. “Love the Lord with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. The second is this: Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these.” Mark 12:30-31

The following list are things that I feel that Christians do ALL THE TIME that make us look like hypocrites, fakes, and hateful humans… not people whose two commands are to love God and to love people.

Let’s dive in. Try to keep in mind that I’m saying this as a loving admonition… not a hateful condemnation. The intended audience for this is Christians… not people who are searching or people who don’t think they are Christians. Christians reading this know Jesus personally and have hope and the power to change lives… including their own. 

  1. Stop expecting non-Christians to live like Christ.

    Do you know how hard it is to live like Christ asked us to live? And you have the Holy Spirit which enables you to live a life of godliness. You’ve got everything you need for a life of godliness (2 Peter 1:3). They don’t. So why would you expect others who DON’T have the Holy Spirit to live a holy life? Stop being surprised by ungodly behavior. Just don’t let it impact you. You should impact them in a good way, be an encourager in the unbeliever’s life… not a condemner!

    “Satan, who is the god of this world, has blinded the minds of those who don’t believe. They are unable to see the glorious light of the Good News. They don’t understand this message about the glory of Christ, who is the exact likeness of God.” 2 Corinthians 4:4

    Imposing Christian values on a non-Christian will turn them off more than anything. The message that you COULD have shared with them? Someone else might have to now. Or maybe they are forever closed to the Good News. Christians, please stop doing this. Are you a Christian but aren’t sure you are very connected to God? Check this out, How to Hear God’s Voice Today, 6 pratical tips.



  2. Christians: Stop using the Lord’s Name in vain.

    8 things Christians need to stop doing- these things are hurting our testimony.
    The emojis really make this. Lol.

    For me, this includes using OMG. Everyone knows what this stands for. You should honor the Lord in everything you do… the first step in a journey is to actually get on the road and go, or at least to stop going backwards. So stop going backwards and stop leading others astray. So many Christians break this SIMPLE commandment every day. I am always surprised when I see otherwise committed Christians use the Lord’s name in vain.

    “You must not misuse the name of the LORD your God. The LORD will not let you go unpunished if you misuse His name.” Exodus 20:7

    Using the LORD’S name in vain ISN’T EVEN cute. It makes you look silly… not to mention that it’s offensive to God. Two great reasons to stop. Christians need to stop doing this.


  3. Stop believing the lie that you can’t read the Bible every day.

    Satan wants you to believe that you aren’t able to read the Bible every day. He also wants you to believe that it’s boring and that everything else is more important.

    There is literally nothing more important in this life than: 1. Loving God, and 2. Loving others. In that order. Reading the Bible every day will encourage you and enable you to do both of these things. (For more on this, check out an in-depth article I wrote on one of my favorite ways to read the Bible.)

    “I have hidden Your word in my heart, that I might not sin against You.I will study your commandments and reflect on your ways.” Psalm 119:11, 15

  4. Quit expecting to be popular! This world is NOT our home.

    The world is supposed to hate you. Proof is in the pudding. Jesus Himself said to expect it. If you are well-liked by the world, perhaps you aren’t like Jesus. #harshbutIthinkthatswhatJesusistryingtosay #sorrynotsorry

    “If the world hates you, remember that it hated Me first. The world would love you as one of its own if you belonged to it, but you are no longer part of the world, so it hates you.” John 15:18


  5. Stop gossiping.

    Especially about other Christians. Especially when those requests were shared with you as a private prayer request. Your tongue is the hardest thing about your whole body to control (for more on this, check out my article, one of my most read and most shared articles, The Lost Christian Art of Speaking Softly)

    “Keep your tongue from evil and your lips from telling lies.” Psalm 34:13

    Gossiping and having a wild, uncontrolled tongue makes all of us Christians look bad. This is hurting our testimony! Christians need to stop doing this!

  6. Stop posting disrespectful things on Facebook about political leaders.

    This one is especially important to remember when we are using Facebook and other social media. The Bible goes as far as to say that you should respect and submit to government because ALL people who are in government have been placed there by God. I recall seeing lots of Christians post disrespectful things about Obama. Some were aware of this scripture but said that the American government is more evil than the Roman government that was in charge when this Scripture was written.

    Really? The Roman Government literally killed Christians in the public square, burnt down their temples, and shortly after were putting Christians in the colosseum in Rome and letting the public watch them get eaten by lions. Not to mention once they were dead, they would light their corpses on fire for public display. Call me back when the American government is doing that. (Even when they do, you are still asked to respect and submit to government… everything up until the point when they ask you to worship them instead of worshiping God.)
    So stop posting on Facebook about how Obama is ___________ or Trump is ___________. It’s time to show respect to the leaders God has given us.

    It was actually time a long time ago, but… now will work. 😉

    “Everyone must submit to governing authorities. For all authority comes from God, and those in positions of authority have been placed there by God. So anyone who rebels against authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and they will be punished.” Romans 13:1-2

    Posting inflammatory things about political leaders is hurting our testimony! It might succeed in making the leaders look bad, but it will ALWAYS succeed in making YOU look bad! Christians need to stop doing this!


  7. Stop practicing aspects of other religions…

    Jesus said He was the only way to Heaven. Stop doing yoga. (Hinduism) Stop talking about karma (Hinduism and Buddhism), and good vibes (pantheism). I have taken several World Religion classes, visited a Buddhist temple, an Islamic Mosque, and have even read most of the Qur’an in English. There are things that are similar between Christianity and some other religions. The Bible talks about meditation (Joshua 1:8; meditation on God’s word) and Jesus spoke about the Golden Rule (Matthew 7:12) Jesus says that He is the ONLY way to Heaven.

    Those who practice Yoga usually practice the emptying of the mind as a key aspect of meditation. Meditating on God’s Word is completely different. It fills your mind with the correct things and the Holy Spirit enables you to live a full godly life through this kind of meditation! Scripture memory is a great way to meditate on the correct things. Check out one of my favorite blog posts, To Love, Honor, and Vacuum on beginning to memorize Scripture.

    “I am the Way and the Truth and the Life, no one comes to the Father except through me.” John 14:6

    Picking and choosing parts of different religions doesn’t work and looks pretty silly. Looks like Christianity maybe isn’t enough for you. Maybe this isn’t how you feel, but it’s how you look. Please stop. Jesus is enough for all of us! 🙂


  8. Stop being ashamed about sharing the Gospel.

    People are dying every day. God chose us to share the Gospel with the people around you as well as the people around the world. Jesus said a LOT about Hell. More than He talked about Heaven. When you share the Gospel with people, telling them they can’t get to Heaven without Jesus… you are showing them the most selfless love. Share the news about Heaven in a loving way, but also in an urgent manner! 🙂

    “You can enter God’s Kingdom only through the narrow gate. The highway to hell is broad, and its gate is wide for the many who choose that way. But the gateway to life is very narrow and the road is difficult, and only a few ever find it.” Matthew 7:13


    This is definitely the most negative thing I’ve ever written. And it was hard to write.

    I believe this was a message that someone needs to hear. If this someone is you, if you need to talk about one or more of these things.. please please please contact me. I would be honored to speak to you.

    There are so many things that Christians do RIGHT. The above things DEFINITELY hurt our collective testimony and Christians need to stop doing them. Don’t you agree?


    What do you think?

    Are there any that you would add to this list?
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    Hey! Have you downloaded my free printable Bible Study form yet? It has been helpful to many people. Check it out here.

25 thoughts on “8 Things Christians Need to Stop Doing”

  1. “Be an encourager in someone’s life not a condenmner!” THIS! When we condemn someone as Christian’s-why on earth would they want to learn about our religion then? I love this list!

    1. Yes! So frustrating. Jesus hung out with tax collectors and immoral women. He struck the perfect balance of love and law. Law being to love God and love people.

  2. Number 1. Oh, number one. Let me count the ways. How many non-Christians have been condemned by Christians because of their behavior? What positive thing does that accomplish? If only we would love those folks and introduce them to Christ rather than shame them for making ungodly choices.

  3. I appreciate #1 and #5 the most. Especially with my family’s background in youth ministry, those two things are so harmful to spreading God’s word. It’s hard to teach youth to let go of sins when adults accidentally encourage them in one of the most poisonous sins (gossip).

  4. A resounding yes to ALL of these, especially #7! Thank you for being so bold to call us out. I would add “stop sending your kids to godless public schools”.

    1. Hi Marisa, I can understand your concerns with public schools. But, godlessness is everywhere, not just public schools. And as a Christian retired public school teacher I encourage every Christian parent to send their children to public schools everywhere. In the Bible it says that we are to be “salt to the world”. Teach your dear children to be bold in Christ and speak out, and to be an example of Christ’s love to other students. Blessings to you!

      1. I see both of your points and will continue to pray for guidance on what to do about my son’s education. He’s only 16 months now so I have a little bit of time.

  5. Sarah,

    Thank you so much for sending this list.

    I was surprised that no one praised you for bringing out number 8. This is the great commission given to all christians. We need to let our light shine before men, so that our words of praise to The Lord will glorify him alone. If we don’t preach the gospel message, how will they know him, let alone glorify Him.
    The Bible also says that if we are ashamed of Him, he will be ashamed of us.

    I know this is one of the most difficult things to do in today’s world of relativism. I’m 62 years old, and when I speak about Jesus and his message, my adult children sneer at me. I continue to pray for them everyday and ask God, if it is his will, to pierce their hearts and open their eyes to Him.

    Thank you so much for your encouraging, insightful words.


  6. This is a great list, and I’m sure it wasn’t easy to write!
    I would also add that people need to stop calling themselves Christians and then living as the world/culture. I have several friends who say they are Christians but are clearly living against the things of the Bible (in extreme ways). I know that I am “living in sin” everyday, but I am constantly working on it. I have a huge struggle with people who say that they are Christians but continue blatantly to ignore the truths of the Bible.

    I also have to disagree with #7. While I completely respect those who do not do yoga for religious reasons, I have to disagree for myself personally. I think that the whole issue boils down into a heart issue, not a practice issue. I agree that we do add aspects of other religions into Christianity (hello Christmas and Easter!) and that we need to be extremely cautious and aware of doing this and how dangerous it can be to our faith. We need to examine our hearts…why are we doing yoga? What are we doing that could be dangerous or sinful? Are we causing others to sin by this action? This should also apply to other aspects of religions/non-religions that we bring into our homes. Why do we have a Christmas tree? Is it causing me think about God or is it causing me to worship material items?

  7. Hey! Totally agree with your post but would also like to add the importance of reading the kjv. We should not add or take from the bible, many other versions change the true word of God by adding, changing or even completely removing verses from the bible.

    1. Hi Crystal! That is a very interesting topic! While in Bible College, I had a couple professors who really respected the KJV and a couple who preferred the other versions. Still others that preferred the Greek because there were some words and phrases that didn’t really translate well into English. I’d like to hear the reasons behind your statement sometime! Some of the Bible verses that I have memorized are in KJV. Maybe I’ll write some more on different Bible versions sometime. 🙂

    2. I must respectfully disagree with the KJV comment. I think that version is fine, but it is not necessarily more accurate than others. In fact, King James specifically instructed the translators how to write it to make sure that the translation represented his view of Christianity (e.g. removing Puritan influences) rather than telling them to just translate it as accurately as possible. There were a lot of theological and political disagreements at the time, and this version was created in response to those, so it does add some of those influences to the translation, just as other Bible versions add other influences. If you are truly concerned that certain versions add and take away from the Bible, the KJV must be included in that list. Perhaps you could get a Hebrew/ Greek/ English Bible and commentary to ensure you are exposing yourself only to the original manuscript. No translation will be perfect, including KJV.
      Additionally, for some people who have difficulty understanding the “old-fashioned” English (such as new Christians perhaps), other translations will help them hear God’s word more accurately than a translation they don’t quite understand.

  8. Great great great words. Christian’s everywhere have to keep this in mind! It even condemned me a bit but it’s much needed. Makes us take a look at ourselves.

  9. Wow, this was very-well written. I honestly couldn’t agree more. I find it hard to stay on this path but God refines us everyday. I completely agree with you. I believe, especially, for point number 1 that maybe the simple prayer in a closed room will help them. You don’t want to turn them off, but the most simplest action may turn them the other way. Everyday people do use the Lord’s name in vein and i’m guilty of it and I catch myself but reading the bible keeps you so much on track. Amen.

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