Christian blogging is a ministry, and more people should consider using their power on the Internet to draw people to Christ! Click here for 7 reasons why you should start a blog.  As I promised in that post, here are 5 Blogging Tips for Christian Bloggers

If you already have a blog and you are trying to grow your audience, I might have some tips that you might find helpful!


Blogging Tips for Christian Bloggers and Ideas from Christ-Centered Mama Time and Sanity Saving Tips for Christian Bloggers and SAHM Christian Moms who run a business


Ok, let’s get started, colleagues and friends!


5 Time and Sanity Saving Blogging Tips for Christian Bloggers



1. Don’t get discouraged on your low days.

I had a low day last month while I was on a vacation- I only had 150 page views in one day! This was after several high view days. It’s hard to admit it, but my jaw dropped! And so did my confidence. (embarrassed!)

But then I snapped back into reality and realized, as a Christian blogger, that still means that I told 150 people about Christ through my words. And that’s an amazing privilege. 

Discouragement and shame NEVER come from God- those are tools from Satan himself. Don’t let those feelings rule you.



Now onto my next of my blogging tips for Christian bloggers:

2. Don’t get prideful on your good days.

As a Christian blogger, you ultimately want to point people to Christ! Not yourself. However… It’s ok to have fun while running a Christian blog. It’s even fun to celebrate growth. But if your Christian blog starts to become more important to you than your relationship with your Heavenly Father… it’s time for a heart check.



3. Blogging is sometimes overwhelming. It isn’t so bad to pay others or other services to help you.

I’m SUPER CHEAP. Like I re-use the cotton from vitamin bottles… and I’ve been known to wipe off a used paper plate and re-use it, despite my husband’s protest. 🙊

However… I’ve paid for three services that I think every Christian Blogger should strongly consider. The first two are my affiliate links. I use all three of these services weekly if not daily!



Many bloggers claim that Pinterest is their #1 source of traffic and that’s true for me as well!!

However… I was too cheap to pay for BoardBooster to pin 1000 pins for me every month. I told myself, “I can do that! 1000 pins in a month are nothing!” Turns out, it isn’t ‘nothing’. It’s hard. I didn’t stick with my self-ordained pinning schedule, and you know who does? BoardBooster does.

BoardBooster takes my blog to a special land called ‘Auto-Pilot Perfection’ where traffic magically appears on my page and I don’t have to try.

Sometimes, the right pin lands on the right board at the right time, and I get 8,000+ views in one day without lifting a finger. Very fun. For me, BoardBooster made blogging fun again. And that’s definitely worth $5 or $10 a month in my book.

Christian Stock Photos are hard to find… and when you do find them, everyone has already used them so often that they don’t have much meaning anymore. That’s why I love… they constantly update their library, and it’s members only. You do have to pay to get in, but trust me. It’s worth it.
Also worth noting that is changing their membership structure soon so it’s best to get in with lifetime access now while you still can. Starting in January 2018, it will be monthly or yearly payments only… (which would be not as good of a deal!) Look into it!

I don’t have an affiliate link for Canva, but I’m still in love with it. It’s design for non-designers. My tip is to base your design pretty tightly off the templates that they provide. Don’t start from scratch! A lot of it is free, although I did pay $1 for a particular clipart one time. I make all my graphics on Canva. It’s great because you can make your own templates and just copy your previous template and customize it for your new blog post. Saves me like 20 minutes each time.



4.  Find out where your audience is, and try to find more people that are like them.

This tip could also be called “Don’t bite the hand (social media platform) that feeds you… but it might be ok to sever the relationship with the hand that slaps you across the face.”


Don’t spend a ton of hours on a social media platform that does nothing for your traffic. This is true for me on Instagram. I HAVE an Instagram account for Christ-Centered Mama and it’s pretty active because I like the community there.

But I know that for whatever reason, I can post the exact same image to both Instagram and Facebook, and MAYBE 1 person will click through my blog via Insta… meanwhile 40 will from Facebook.


Ugh… Facebook.

Now. Here’s a confession… Facebook used to be a big hairy mystery to me, but I am learning how to grow a Facebook page, talk to my followers, and monetize my page from Rachel Miller,  who is probably a certified Facebook genius and definitely a Christian Homeschool Mom of 4.

She taught me that when you are TRULY speaking to your audience, they will appreciate it and share with their friends. And that’s how a viral image gets started.

Is your audience on Facebook? Definitely. Help them find you!


Massive Growth is possible on Facebook?!

I did something gutsy… I paid for a course from Rachel Miller called Moolah- Facebook Massive Growth Strategies. (My affiliate link!) It’s only made available a few times a year. The next time this course will be made available is early 2018.

It changed my feelings about Facebook and we are now friends. I recommend this course to everyone I can think of.

You will love Rachel. She’s humble and has a great heart for the 12,000 people in her free Facebook group. I’ve never seen someone as dedicated to her Not-Yet customers than Rachel. You can tell she’s a Christian by the way she speaks to others and it’s totally refreshing to be on her growing team.


You can join her mailing list by clicking here or the image below.

Isn’t she so adorable?




And the last of my blogging tips for Christian bloggers:


5. Don’t compare yourself to other bloggers… but do compare yourself to Christ.

Dear Christian Blogger…. I firmly believe that God called you to blog. Not a weird, artificial mix of you-and-this-other-person-that-you-wish-you-were-like. You. You in your struggles and valleys. On your spiritual mountaintop and euphoria.


Out of all of my blogging tips for Christian bloggers, I wish I could most clearly say this one:


Try not to look at other bloggers as “unsuccessful” with pride that you’re better. And try not to look at other, “more successful” bloggers with envy. Envy won’t get you anywhere… except maybe disappointed.



Instead, compare yourself with Christ. Are you following the Great Commission with your blog?  In what you write, are you glorifying God as much as possible? Are people growing in Christ because of your writings and posts? Here are some of my foundational reasons for blogging from a Christian perspective.


If even one person is drawn to Christ through my blogging, I consider it a wild and amazing privilege. I’m thankful to God for the opportunity.


“Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Teach these new disciples to obey all the commands I have given you. And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”  Matthew 28:19-20


What do you think?

What blogging tips for Christian bloggers do you have? Share the URL to your Christian blog and who your content is meant for?  🙂

17 thoughts on “5 Blogging Tips for Christian Bloggers”

  1. These are really great tips! Thanks for sharing. I have been blogging for about 4 years or so and still didn’t know many of these things. Thanks again 🙂

  2. Really love this! Thank you for all of the tips, insight, and information. I don’t share just anything on my personal FB page, but I had to share this! Tweeting too.

  3. This post was so needed!! I love how you point out to focus on Christ and not the other bloggers. It is so easily to get wrapped in everything that you forget your main purpose. Thank you for sharing ❤️

    1. Haha! I didn’t either! I think her theory is that a Facebook page is sort of like a blog in and of itself! We’re all on a learning curve that’s constantly changing!!

  4. I don’t normally blog about Christian things. However, I have friends who do and I know how hard being a Christian blogger can be sometimes! These are wonderful tips and resources!

  5. This was a huge blessing to me today!! Just starting out and there are a million things to think about. Thanks for narrowing my thoughts a lot today. Found some action steps and was encouraged! Love your blog!

  6. Thank you for the tips and encouragement! I’ve been meaning to sign up for Board Booster and I just used your link. There’s so much to do as a blogger when really I just want to connect and help people. I need to look into the FB training you mentioned, too.

  7. Hi Sarah, loved these tips especially the last one. I have to remind myself to be more like Jesus and not like other bloggers.

    Thanks for sharing these and it was also great meeting you at Declare 👋🏽

    1. Yes! Chioma it was so nice meeting you and thanks for taking the time to stop and comment. Glad we got to learn a bit about each other.

  8. Thank you, thank you, thank you! As someone who feels a sense of urgency to start blogging and at the same time feeling inadequate to know what I need to know, this was extremely helpful! Super excited to get started and you just made it less scary!

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