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Do you have a serious addiction? Do you consider yourself addicted, even though you’re a committed Christian?
Can you be a Christian and be addicted to something?

We live in a stressful world. The desire to self-medicate is part of our sin nature. Satan promises that these harmless sins will help you escape from your troubles. But deep down, you know. This is something much deeper.


1. You find yourself going over and over again to the same habits. They promise relief and escape. They might be:

Christian Addiction Help Recovery- 9 Signs Your Addiction Has Taken Over

    • Food
    • Social Media/ Smartphones
    • Alcohol
    • Pornography
    • Shopping
    • Sex
    • Drugs
    • and more.


  • 2. After committing your addiction, you think you’ll find relief
  • but instead, part of you realizes that you’ve only dug yourself deeper in a hole.


  • 3. You never feel satisfied.
  • But instead feel empty.


  • 4. You’re stressed out.
  • Maybe your doctor has even told you that you need to change lifestyles.


  • 5. Someone has told you that you better stop
  • or else you’ll lose friendships or other important relationships.


  • 6. You feel trapped…
  • like you can’t ever stop your addiction.


  • 7. Maybe you feel like there’s no hope.
  • Do you think that’s God’s will for your life? No! Hear His voice and you’ll know He has much better plans for your life.


  • 8. You desperately want freedom- but you also kind of don’t want freedom…
  • Part of you still wants the status quo.


  • 9. Or you don’t feel close to God anymore.

And you feel the void.



Do you need some hope? Let me share something with you that helped me. A Christian has an advantage to a non-Christian in this whole addiction recovery thing.

Here’s why being a Christian is different when it comes to addictions.

The rest of the world accepts their addiction for the temporary sense of relief it gives them. The alcoholic knows she’s an alcoholic, but it sure does help take her mind off of things for a couple hours. All addictions work this way.

But for a Christian? A Christian knows that this is just a facade. A Christian knows that in the end, these horrible habits only bring emptiness. They bring broken relationships. Discarded dreams. Sometimes they lead to divorce and death.

A Christian HUNGERS  for redemption. Because that’s one of the Holy Spirit’s jobs in their lives. Christian addiction recovery is entirely possible through the power of the Holy Spirit.

So while a Christian is stuck in these addictive habits, in the undercurrent of her mind, she knows she needs to get out. Quick.

That’s when I decided I could help. I could help Christians get out of their patterns of failure and into a productive life, full of hope and adoration of God. Because they already want to change!

We know that our souls are restless until they find rest in God. It’s how we are wired.

If you answered “YES!” to any of these 9 signs- You might be addicted- it’s time to get help. Time to fully trust in Christ.

There’s Hope.

You can figure out the patterns that are getting you in your sticky situations and create TRUE change. Broken relationships can be mended…through Christ.

You CAN renew your mind. And you can have daily victory over sin and reclaim your mind for Christ.

Let me help you! Christian Addiction Recovery is possible!Christian Addiction- Giving Your Addiction to God Cover Draft- Sarah Hardee Biblical Counseling Workbook

My degree is in Biblical Counseling. I know for a fact that when it comes to addictions- God has a bigger plan. I want deliverance for you and can help you seek it. I’m writing a 40-day workbook that will help you break the chains that are binding you. I will release it for sale in Fall of 2017. Until then, I would love to update you and most importantly, pray for you.

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  • I’ll also include a free gift- a prayer and Scripture Guide that you can print off and put in the areas of your home that you feel the most tempted- your bedroom, your family room, your fridge- or all of the above. It’s just a way that I can show you that I genuinely care about you and God really does have a bigger plan for you.
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What about you?

Do you have any other signs that you might be addicted? Has your addiction or a loved one’s addiction cost you any relationships? In what area of your life do you most need to see God’s redeeming power?

6 thoughts on “9 Signs Your Addiction Has Taken Over”

  1. Sarah, I think it is wonderful that you are doing this! I’m excited to check out the workbook when it is finished. It sounds like a great resource. Our church has been focusing for the last couple of years on being a “hospital” church – reaching out and providing resources to those hurting in our community. Anxiety and addictions are two major issues that our “freedom groups” have focused on. Keep me updated!

  2. What a great resource!! I love how you included food on the list…I can be an emotional eater, and it is something that I struggle with every once in a while. I know that this is going to be used to help many people!!

  3. Really great post! I just posted on how to overcome body dysmorphic disorder or an eating disorder on my blog and the feelings associated with these disorders and the steps to recovery are similar to the ones you discussed. Very informative 🙂

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