A question I get asked fairly regularly is, how does anybody make money by running a Christian blog? Is it even possible to make money running a Christian blog?

So… let me answer.

Yes! I am making money by running a Christian Blog

Hard to believe? It was for me to believe at first, but I am living it and experiencing it!


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Here’s how to make money running a Christian blog – at least, how I’ve been able to figure, so far. 🙂


(If you’re interested in hearing more about the history of Christ-Centered Mama, check out the About page. )


How to Make Money Running a Christian Blog:
1. Amazon Affiliate Links

It’s rare that I have to pay full-price for any of my Amazon purchases because I get e-gift cards quarterly from Amazon. The most successful way that I can present these links is with honesty- I only recommend things that I have actually tried and can recommend to the Christ-Centered Mama audience.

You’ll often see these at the end of blog posts, for instance, one of the most read articles: 9 Lies Satan Whispers To You About Your Motherhood


*If you purchase a book from these recommendations (or purchase anything using the search bar), I might receive a small commission from your purchase that will not affect your cost. Thanks for your support!*




How to Make Money Running a Christian Blog:
2. My Own Products

Merch By Amazon

Merch By Amazon is an invitation-only service for influencers to design and sell-tshirts through the Amazon brand, service, and Prime shipping. It’s a Print on Demand business model, which means that Amazon doesn’t have to keep your product in constant supply, they just need to print each t-shirt as the sale is completed.

The best part? Print on Demand means I never have to touch a t-shirt. I upload a graphic and when it sells, I get a $3-$7 profit and my readers/customers get a t-shirt… and free shipping.

Pretty much a win/win in my book!


Here’s an example of a t-shirt that I have sold. This one is available in men’s, women’s and youth sizes.


And here’s the link to all of my t-shirts.  Christ-Centered Mama T-shirt Shop


My E-Books

I don’t have them completed yet, but I am in the editing stages of two resources: a marriage workbook and a Scripture memory kit for kids of all ages. I believe both are extremely valuable and I can’t wait to offer them to you, soon!




How to Make Money Running a Christian Blog:
3. Affiliate Links

I also make money off of some other affiliate links. I’m really excited about these! All but the last one are completed through a site called shareasale.com 


Here’s some more of my affiliate links to Christian resources for mothers and families.




DaySpring is one of the leading Christian Bookstores. They offer amazing deals on Bibles, Devotionals, Christian Living Books for women and men, Gifts for Women, Home Decor, as well as Children’s Bibles, DVDs, and even greeting cards.





Soulfeed is an amazing ministry for empty-nester moms, as well as churches who wish to nourish their graduates with care boxes but aren’t sure what the best Christian resources are for college-age students.





ModLi is a resource for women who wish to dress modestly. The women might choose this lifestyle might or might not be for religious reasons, but I am confident in promoting this website because I know that when I go to brick-and-mortar stores, I have so much trouble finding modest clothing.

The clothing I find at Department stores is either low-cut in the chest area, shows midriff, shows my bra straps, shows too much leg, or all of the above. Just not enough fabric!

ModLi also has some head-covering options for women who want to cover in church or prayer.

Maxi Skirts



Massive Page Growth Strategies E-course

I took this course, and I have a blog post that explains some of the reasons that I love it. I shared my affiliate link on there and I’ve gotten 10 sales through it, which at 40% affiliate share, equals a pretty nice paycheck! The reason I have been able to sell the Massive Page Growth Strategies E-course because I apply it to my own Facebook page and I’ve seen the results! The Christ-Centered Mama Facebook Page was started in June 2017 and by December 2017, I was at 1900 likes! And as of January, the page is at 2100 likes! The Christian Motherhood niche is kind of saturated and difficult to get ahead in, but I feel that I have a pretty good handle on Facebook marketing because of this course.

Here’s my affiliate link for the Massive Page Growth Strategies E-course.

This link takes you to a video of Rachel Miller, the Christian Homeschool Mom who is behind this awesome E-course!





How to Make Money Running a Christian Blog:
4. Advertising Income


Google Ads is what fuels the ads in my sidebar. I have limited the ad types to things that are strictly Christian, family, health, or counseling based.

I was previously not sure how to limit the ads so I was getting all kinds of spammy ads. They were making me a higher income, but I was not in love with how they made the Christ-Centered Mama website feel. So while I don’t make as much income with this method as I once wanted, I didn’t feel comfortable sending any readers to a site that was perhaps going to give them a virus or malware.




Future Plans:

I’ve got some plans up my sleeve for 2018, including continuing to utilize this website for the ministry that God has provided for me, as well as income for my family.


I also want to delve into sponsored social media posts, sponsored blog posts, and even a little Virtual Assistant work.







I am making money by running a Christian Blog

Can you?


Check out my article: Yes, Christian Mom, You Should Start A Christian Blog- 7 Reasons

As well as: 5 Money and Sanity- Saving Tips for Christian Bloggers



What about you?

Do you have a Christian Blog? Do you monetize it? What tips would you share with a beginning Christian blogger on how to make money running a Christian blog?


3 thoughts on “How I Make Money By Running a Christian Blog”

  1. Thank you for posting this! I am just starting to build my blog and have been having some serious doubts as to whether or not I could have a positive impact for Christian families and make a little revenue. You’ve given me a confidence boost. I’ll be subscribing and learning a lot more from you. Thanks!!

  2. Hey there, great article! I’m a new blogger; curious about monetizing my blog. My question is about when to start. Do I wait until I’ve achieved a certain number of readers/subscribers/page views? Or should I just start now? Thanks!

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