I tell someone in my life once a month or more that they should start a Christian blog.

Just the other day, I was telling one of my dear Christian mama friends that she could consider starting a blog.

She doesn’t realize it, but she basically blogs on Facebook every day… thought-provoking and humorous snapshots of being a homeschooling mom. I told her that while she is doing a great job of reaching her 500 friends on Facebook, that so many people would love her funny parenting stories, encouraging stories of God’s goodness in her life, and perhaps most of all, her wit and manner of speaking about it all.

Yes! You should start a Christian Mom Blog. Here's 7 Reasons Why. Christian Blogging and Christian Motherhood


Do you have a desire to start a Christian blog? If so…


Yes, you should start a Christian blog!


Here’s why:



1. You are a Christian who wants to share your faith

You might be bashful because you think your story doesn’t matter or that there is someone already telling your story. It’s true that there are quite a few Christian bloggers, but NONE of them have your voice and your experiences. None of them are reaching the people that you could be reaching. None of them can do the work that God has put before YOU. Did that give you chills? Because it gives me chills. Just sayin’.



2. People spend almost 100% of their free time on the Internet…

Sidewalk preaching used to work because people used to go outside.

However… modern evangelism might look more and more like… blogging. Take it or leave it.

You might have other strengths that God is using to draw people into His Kingdom, but if you think writing or content creation (videos, etc) could be YOUR gift? Jump in. People are hungry for the truth. Provide it to them.



3. You are a creative person.

Even if you don’t feel like you are a creative person… the Creator created you to create. You are made in His image, and you have a deep desire to make things that will last past your own lifetime. Start a Christian Blog. Or pray about it?! 🙂



4. People are looking for answers to big life questions and are looking for people who can help them achieve the life they want.

There are plenty of voices that speak against God on the Internet… and for some reason Christians let non-Christians rule and run the internet.


If you don’t think this is going to be your method of ministry, pray for others who might be lead to do so! Jesus Himself said: “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.” Luke 10:2



5. Starting a blog is easy!

I got my website up in less than 24 hours through Bluehost. And every time I’ve had a problem with my website, even though it wasn’t my host‘s problem, they have talked me through my tech problems with compassion and have always been super helpful. And the hosting is only $3.95 a month through my affiliate link.



6. You will be pleasantly surprised how many views you get on posts that answer huge life questions.

One of my most popular posts: How To Hear God’s Voice – 6 Practical Tips is one of these huge life questions that I can help answer. People want to hear from God! You aren’t God, but you can certainly help point others to Him!  💓 I started my blog in November of 2016 and, miraculously by early January, I was getting 300 views a day on my posts… all of them featuring a Biblical worldview.

Things that you know and think everyone knows… they don’t.

Christ Centered Mama Blog Map July 8th 2017
As of July 8th, 2017!

In no other way, shape or form could I share my faith to 200  NEW people EVERY DAY!(EDIT, my views are now over 600 a day, and growing!)




7. You can start a Christian blog! It isn’t that expensive, and can even help pad your family budget.

I’m just getting started but have made nearly one thousand dollars through Amazon affiliate links (like this one!) as well as some of these affiliate links. 😲




P.S. It isn’t a conflict to make money while sharing the Gospel as a Christian Blogger. Your 7 Reasons Why You Should Start a Christian Mom Blog Pinterest Christ Centered Mama Christian Motherhood Blog Bloggerscontent is worth the same as secular content, and they get paid!
No, I take that back… it’s worth more!

Money may not be your first motivator, but it helps to have a little validation that what you’re doing is making a difference. And blogging is work. I work on the upkeep and content of this website and social media accounts a minimum of 15 hours a week. Because I’ve grown to love this ministry, I probably spend more like 25 hours on it in an average week.

The Bible says that if you are working, you deserve your pay.  “The laborer is worthy of his wages.” 1 Timothy 5:18

So don’t feel guilty for doing ministry and supporting your family! 🙂



What do you think?

Do you think you’ll ever start a Christian blog? (If you have one already, share your link below!)

What voice or talent has God given you to share with others? How can you point others to our Father in Heaven? 💕

21 thoughts on “Yes, Christian Mom, You Should Start A Christian Blog- 7 Reasons”

  1. I never considered myself a creative person until I had a one-on-one with a Christian life coach recently. I see now how I am creative as a blogger/writer.

  2. I love this! Thank you for your encouragement. I’m a Christian mom blogging about marriage, parenting, homeschooling, and living intentionally @ TheJoyfulAdvocate.com. Being obedient to what God has called me to do is so freeing!

  3. This is such a good post, and so true! I kept telling my pastor’s wife that she should start a blog and she finally did! I especially love this point you made: “None of them are reaching the people that you could be reaching. ” This is so, so true! This is precisely what I had to tell myself when I began the podcast. There are so many great podcasts out there, that, at first, I wondered if I had anything unique to offer. But then I realized that my audience would be a different audience, at least in part, than the ones the other podcasters had, and that the folks I know could be encouraged and reached through my podcast simply because they know me and would listen because of that, but might never listen to another podcast. Thanks for another great article, friend!

    1. Awesome, Rebekah! You are definitely doing a great thing and are reaching people for Christ. 🙂 Keep on keeping on.

  4. “Modern evangelism might look more and more like… blogging”- love it!! This was so encouraging to those of us who already blog and those who are on the fence about starting one. I tell my friends they need to start their own blogs too, because so many of them write such awesome things on Facebook about motherhood already. I’ve really struggled in the past to believe that my voice was unique and that it mattered in the sea of Christian writers. Then I realized all those doubts were coming from the enemy who was trying to silence it.

  5. Great thoughts! In addition, people who aren’t sure if sharing their thoughts for the world to read is for them can start with absolutely no money invested by using wordpress.com.

    I do have a blog, which can be reached by clicking on my username.

  6. Going to pray on this. I post A LOT to social media and most of it is about Jesus and the Bible. Thank you for the encouragement.

  7. I love, love, love this post! It touched my heart. Everything you said is so very true. We have experiences and testimonies that tell people that with God, all things are possible. I jumped into blogging because I felt the Lord telling me to do so. I had NO idea what to do and have stumbled along the way, but God has led me. I believe that if I had known all that was involved, I would have never started. And I’m so glad that I did. I receive e-mails about how my testimony and my articles have touched people’s lives. This is definitely a ministry. So glad to have found you on Pinterest!!

  8. This is something that I have been going back and forth on for a couple of months now. I believe that God is drawing me into this area of ministry, but intellectually I question it at the same time. I liked the points you made about evangelism evolving into this Information Age, and how we all have a different reach…. Still praying about when and if to take the plunge though.

    1. I’m so glad that I could help you make such an important decision. I really strongly feel that it’s a method of evangelism- I heard someone say “digital evangelist” one time and I love that! Just said a prayer for you, Amanda.

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