Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for a Young Christian Husband

Some years I know exactly what gifts to get my young (30 years old? is that still young?) Christian husband for Valentine’s Day, usually because I thought of it after Christmas and remembered to write it down and purchase it before February 14th.

Other years I’m a little lost as to what to get my husband for Valentine’s Day.Valentines Day gift guide Christian blogger gives her gift guide for a young Christian husband 21 ideas inexpensive ideas

If you’re like me, you might be in that second category this year.

I actually purchased him a perfect Valentine’s Day gift this year (A vintage Kansas State Seal Belt Buckle…we were both born and raised in Kansas and are rather fond of it…) but I literally couldn’t wait and gave it to him the day I received it in the mail.Β πŸ˜‚

So now I’m back at square one.

I wanted a gift that:

  1. Reflected my husband’s age (He’s 30)- something that he would relate to in this time of his life. Some things are FUN items, like a throwback to childhood. Some are more adult-ish items.

  2. Was under $40, we are on a budget.

  3. Was encouraging, helpful, or otherwise useful.

  4. Something that didn’t contradict my husband’s faith.

I’ve been shopping and saving my favorite things on Amazon. Here’s a list that I’ve got so far. Maybe you’ll find something in there too. * NOTICE * if you choose to purchase something off this list, it doesn’t impact your purchase price at all, but I get a small percentage of the total amount. This helps keep my ministry running! Thanks for your support.

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Without further ado:

Β 1. For the husband who loves coffee, donuts, or anything that’s a little off-kilter humorous…

This donut mug. Yes, there’s really a hole in there. That cracks me up.

2. For your marriage

this conversation starter set would be fun, and I read in some of the reviews that it brought them really close… sounds like a win-win.

3. This cereal bowl

      keeps the milk and cereal separate if your husband is into that kind of thing.

4. Is your husband a musician?

I actually purchased this one for our friend who plays guitar for our church. My husband just loved it and wanted to keep it. So this is a strong contender for a gift for that Pastor husband of mine.

5. Another fun musician husband gift

or perhaps a man who appreciates classic rock. These ice forms are fun and double as a drink stir stick.

6. This beautiful yet manly bookend set.

This is a sliced, polished agate stone. I honestly want these in my house. There’s something so calming and strong about this… just like your perfect husband, amiright, ladies? πŸ˜‰

7. This adorable plaque.

Is your husband sentimental? Mine is. He’s always telling me what a great match we are. I agree with him, but I think that’s an aspect of marriage that men think about more than women? Maybe?
I can see few romantic husbands (like mine) who would appreciate this.

8. Knock Knock, who’s there? Saint Valentine.

Ok, so these next ones are gonna be all similar. I found this same brand made ones for moms and dads at Kohl’s and I bought them and filled them out. My parents loved them. There’s one line item per page and all of the questions are so good. Your husband will cherish this book when it is completed. There’s a few varieties so I will share them all. This first one is Why I’m Crushing On You

9. Another Knock Knock Book I’m considering buying for Valentine’s Day

What I love about you

10. This last one is:

What I love about us… again, totally love the Knock Knock brand books. ! <3

11. Is ironic giant candy on your man’s list?

Try this giant kiss! Plus it’s just fun to lay a giant kiss on your hubby. My husband would love this.

12. I bought this handyman wallet tool

for a friend for Christmas and my husband was totally eye-ing it.

13. I’m not sure if this one is more for you or for him…

My husband usually doesn’t clean up after himself after shaving but maybe this would be a game-changer?! This was the one seen on Shark Tank.

14. Another funny mug.

My husband has this one and it totally amazes the kids in our youth group. So if you have a husband/boyfriend who grew up playing classic video games, he would love this. The design appears when heat is applied to the mug, so coffee or tea would both work!

15. Wow! Ok I kind of want this one for myself.

Harness the power of the sun so you can tweet the day away. πŸ™‚ lol I feel creative for coming up with that one. But really, this was under ‘outdoor sports’ but I am pretty sure that anyone who sees the sun each day could use this.

16. Does your man have a beard and/or mustache that could use a little conditioning?

The reviews on this make it soundΒ like it cures beards. And smells good.

17. The Man In the Mirror- Solving The 24 Problems Men Face

This Christian manhood book has been a HUGE seller for 25 years for a reason. It was recently modernized/republished and it looks even better than it did when I was looking through it as a college librarian. It enables men to: “take a probing look at their identities, relationships, finances, time, temperament, and most important, the means to bring about lasting change.” Wow. Sign me up! πŸ™‚

18. These adult-ish trendy woodslice coasters

They kinda scream hipster, no?

19. This in-shower speaker

My husband loves music while showering.. but his speaker hangs out by our sink all the time. I’d like to upgrade to something like this for the sake of our counter – but also the sound quality has to be better in that enclosed area- it’s like listening to music in a seashell

20. Sacred Marriage

I’m currently reading Sacred Influence- How Wives Influence Their Husbands and I LOVE it. So this would probably be amazing if it’s anything like that one! The reviews on this are amazing- marriages saved, souls saved… the whole deal. πŸ™‚

21. Love and Respect- The Love She Most Desires; The Respect He Desperately Needs

If you are considering marital counseling but aren’t sure you have the funds… try this book first. I personally have met so many people that have benefitted from this book. People who have been married for 20 years but had never heard of these practical keys to understanding their spouse in the ways they are different from the other gender.
It was even a textbook in one of my counseling classes. (So yeah, I added this just because I was on a kick with the Christian Marriage books, we already own this one and love it.)

This gift would be healing to your marriage- and what better time to start than Valentine’s Day?

Yay! I hope you got some good ideas from this list. I will make my purchase pretty soon from this list.

What do you think?

Which one was your favorite?

What gift are you getting your young Christian husband for Valentine’s Day?

Also, is 30 still considered young because I’m asking for a friend.Β Β πŸ˜œΒ πŸ˜‚Β πŸ˜‡


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